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A successful company requires a pool of qualified staff. Before we go into action for you, we draw up an exact requirements profile for the job to be filled. Your corporate philosophy and culture are just as important here as the framework conditions for the vacancy. Naturally we treat all information about your company with the requisite discretion.

„Involve me, and I learn“ (Benjamin Franklin)

Our approach is based on ethical principles. Our success has its roots in our excellent network of top applicants, an efficiently managed database and an executive search by our own well-qualified staff. Our discrete yet targeted approach is the main strength of our executive search.

In consultation with you, logment can also develop other successful recruitment concepts. We compose advertisements which we place in the relevant print or Internet media, either as open or concealed advertisements.
If you wish, and if the potential applicants agree, we also request references and use other methods to assess potential.
We want you to derive long-term benefits from our services.

We advise you individually!


We value sustainability

The basis for a successful recruitment process is initially an internal agreement between the specialist department and HR concerning the precise goal and the job description for the vacant position. Alongside personal attributes, the requisite specialist skills and knowledge of the industry, it is also important that the salary expectations are in line with the market.

If there is a specific budget for the job, a clear strategy should be formulated as to how much can actually be paid. Using the services of a personnel consultant is a decisive option.

Especially when sensitive positions are to be filled, it is advisable to use a personnel consultancy firm in order to maintain discretion and not damage the company’s reputation. A detailed talk with the consultant lays down the foundation for a successful search. During the cooperation with the consultant, it is essential that communication is open and constructive and concrete feedback and interim reports are given.

The application process should be targeted and delays avoided in order to show the potential candidates that you are serious and committed. During the talks, it is the job of the company to arouse the candidate’s interest in the company and offer him or her exciting perspectives.

In the final interview the candidate will expect an attractive offer involving an exciting task, interesting perspectives for further personal development, a positive corporate culture and financial framework conditions appropriate for the job.

When the new employee starts work, the workplace should be fully set up including IT access and, if offered, a company car. Professional “onboarding” will help the new employee to get to know the company and develop an internal network quickly so that he or she can carry out the new tasks successfully. Regular and prompt feedback will let everyone know whether things are developing as agreed.

A good application process is crucial!