Applicant management

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Nowadays there is a lot of talk about a shortage of specialists, unfilled positions and years of low birth rates. Companies are consequently being forced to develop strategies to make themselves more attractive for potential employees.

This starts with the very basics:

  • What sort of image does the company have?
  • Is it innovative and up-to-date?

If a company has a predominantly positive image, it will attract a higher number of potential candidates. The next step is for the company to win over the best applicants in a well-planned and dynamic recruitment process

This would seem to suggest that the situation for applicants is an easy one.

But appearances are deceptive.

Falling profits, changing market situations and cost pressure are constantly forcing companies to change their strategies. Old business models and organisational flowcharts are being questioned and realigned to meet future requirements. New organisational structures are being installed that are increasingly based on flat hierarchies and quicker decision-making channels. There are fewer and fewer managers but those that remain have a higher significance.

The majority of companies therefore are keen to avoid hiring the wrong person and have developed an elaborate recruitment process aimed at finding new employees not only with the right specialist expertise but also the right personal attributes. The ideal candidate is selected in a process that involves several interviews backed up by personality tests.

Only those applicants that accept this new situation and present themselves professionally and authentically have any hope of landing one of the top jobs.

Good applicants are in short supply – and good jobs too!

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